Are you looking for a great group activity?  This city hunt will have your group running all over the city letting their creative juices flow.

The city scavenger hunt is best set up as a photo hunt or video hunt.  Be sure to have enough digital cameras or video cameras for one per group.

Looking for location specific hunts? Check out these city scavenger hunt lists.

When everyone gathers together, explain that the most creative answers for the city scavenger hunts will get bonus points. All items must be photo/video documented. They can take extra pictures or add extra footage of things along the way if it fits in with the hunt.

Visit the planning section for additional thoughts on rules and guidelines you might want to include.

Also, consider these icebreaker activities for adults and this icebreaker game for teens to start the activity off on the right foot. Otherwise, turn them loose but be sure to have a meeting time and place for the end of the city hunt. An ice cream parlor or pizza joint is always a crowd pleaser!

The City Scavenger Hunt List

  • Go thru the McDonald’s Drive-thru backwards.
  • Visit the Mayor’s Office.
  • Every member of the group (who eats meat) must eat a beef jerky.
  • Take a photo with an employee at the art museum.
  • Say hi to 10 strangers in the park. (Bonus points if you sing to them!)
  • Swing on a swing set.
  • Photo document the most uniquely outrageous graffiti that you see.
  • Take the bus someplace fun.
  • Write all the names of the people in your group in sidewalk chalk a the intersection of _____ and ______.
  • Sit in a chair at a dentist’s office.
  • Take a photo by the courthouse.
  • Take a photo in the jail cell.
  • Give a bouquet of flowers to the person at the drive thru of a Starbucks.
  • Pick up AT LEAST 30 pieces of litter.
  • Feed the ducks at the pond/lake.
  • Take a photo of the group on stage…any stage. (The more creative, the more points!)
  • Head to the highest point in the city and take a photo.
  • Go to the library and find out their hours. Get a card from the librarian if it is open.
  • Find a slide and fit your entire group onto it.
  • Buy a stamp at the Post Office.
  • Someone must eat a single scoop sugar cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • Find the most historic building you can find.
  • Have a policewoman sign your scavenger hunt list.
  • Ask for directions to the nearest cemetery.

As always, use this as a guide and add to the scavenger hunt list things that are unique to your particular city. You can also consider making the hunt into a video scavenger hunt. Have fun, these are always a blast!