Heading to the Big Apple? A New York scavenger hunt should definitely be brought along. It’s a great family activity and a fun way to explore New York City.  If you’re a local, plan to do this scavenger hunt activity for your next date night or girls night out. Scavenger hunts are versatile for all ages and groups – and this one is no exception!

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New York Scavenger Hunt List

  • Photo of the Carousel in Central Park
  • Photo of the famous statue of Prometheus
  • How many steps lead up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art?
  • Eat a slice of New York style pizza
  • Photo with a police officer or firefighter
  • A sign in a different language
  • Name the polar bears living in the Central Park Zoo
  • Take a photo from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial and find the “Survivor Tree”
  • Buy yourself a treat at the Chelsea Market
  • Photo of the lions guarding the New York Public Library
  • Ticket stub for a comedy club
  • Photo of a dog walker with at least three dogs
  • Any item with “I Love NYC” on it
  • Takeout menu from a cafe in Greenwich Village
  • What is the Statue of Liberty holding in her left hand?
  • Photo of the ferris wheel inside Toys R Us
  • Photo of the Chrysler Building
  • Find Alice in Wonderland in Central Park
  • Ticket stub from the New York City subway
  • Photo of a pay phone
  • Phone number for the Trump Hotel
  • Look above the entrance to the GE building. Who is depicted in the sculpture there?
  • Photo of the sunset from The High Line
  • Take a photo of yourself with a street performer
  • Photo of three different New York City gargoyles
  • How many columns are in the main hall of Grand Central Terminal?
  • Photo of the New York City skyline from the top of the Empire State Building
  • Count the steps to the top of the Crown in the Statue of Liberty
  • Walking map of Central Park
  • Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Buy a box of chocolates at the largest candy store in the city – located at Times Square
  • Photo in front of the New York Stock Exchange

If you live in New York City or are a regular visitor, I’d love to hear the clues and locations you would include. Share your New York scavenger hunt ideas in the comments below!

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