This is the place for the best romantic scavenger hunt ideas.  The next time you are looking for a romantic idea for your special someone, consider adding a little fun to the romance.

There are a couple of different ways to go about creating your own unique hunt. Check out the options below and have fun spoiling your special someone!

Option One:
You can have your partner follows clues from one to the next. You can think of leaving romantic quotes with each clue along the way.

Option Two:
You can give your partner a list of things to do or places to look and hide romantic gifts at each location. Add love quotes attached to each gift.

Either way, if you set it up right, your partner will definitely be feeling the love. So if you are looking for fun date ideas, read on!

Romance Ideas to Consider

* Pick a romantic destination for the scavenger hunt.

* Light candles and put them around the house to add to the ambiance.

* Play some soft music.

* Disappear as your partner starts the hunt and reappear at the last clue.

* Chill a bottle of champagne for the end prize.

Romantic Ideas for your
Scavenger Hunt Clues

* Call your favorite restaurant, there’s a message waiting for you.

* Go to the florist’s and pick up your bouquet.

* Check your email for the next clue.

* Look on your nightstand for a fun surprise.

* Open the shower and see what’s inside.

* Look under your pillow. (Leave a romantic card.)

Have other fun date ideas to share? Please share your ideas here! Have fun creating your own unique hunt for the one you love.

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