Taking a group to the coast?  A beach scavenger hunt is a must to bring along.  This is a great way to have fun beachcombing and playing in the sand.

Folks of all ages enjoy beach hunting, whether they are looking for shells in the sand or seals in the water, they enjoy exploring the coastal environment.

So if you’re looking for beach games to bring along, consider this one.

And as always, add to it with your own creative flair and have fun!

Beach Scavenger Hunt Tasks

For this beach activity you must find the following items:

* Three different kinds of shells.

* A feather.

* A unique piece of driftwood.

* A creature’s home.

* Something swimming in the water. What is it?

* A whole sand dollar.

* Build a sand castle.

* Five different colored stones.

* A piece of kelp.

* Three pieces of trash.

* A piece of sea glass.

* A message in a bottle.

* An animal track in the sand. What type of animal made the track?

* A cloud animal. What do you see?

* Someone’s initials in the sand.

* Count how many waves crash into shore in one minute.

* How many paces wide is the beach?

* Bury someone’s legs in the sand and take a picture.

* Wade into the water. Time how long it takes for your feet to dry.

* Find something red.

If you have already finished this hunt, give this fun beach activity a try. Children, teens and adults all love beach combing and these fun activities help everyone to explore the coastal environment a little more deeply as they are on the lookout for new and interesting scavenger hunt clues.

Enjoy your vacation to the beach and remember to stop back and share your experience with this scavenger hunt!

Have you created your own scavenger hunt on the beach? Share your clues and ideas in the Facebook commenting section below – or share your scavenger hunts here!