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Welcome to Scavenger Hunt Guru Idea Central.

Please take your time looking around the site. There are a ton of fun hunts and games for all ages included in these pages - so don't be afraid to dig deep! Be sure to let me know if there are any other activity ideas or outdoor games that you'd like to see included...after all, they don't call me the "Guru" for nothing!

WARNING:  Scavenger hunts can become addictive.  You may find yourself planning one once a week when you get hooked.  Be prepared to have fun!

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Remember when you were a kid? Remember the excitement and thrill of going on a new scavenger hunt? It's a timeless activity that invokes a sense of adventure and fun in all ages. It's also an activity that can be adapted to a variety of locations. Whether you are attempting to corral your toddlers who are running around the house into doing an indoor hunt - or organizing a group of teenagers to go traipsing through the mall on a mall hunt - or getting your friends and colleagues to compete in fun adult games...everyone loves them!

The problem is, not everyone has the time or creativity to throw into putting one together. That's where I come in. I've created a variety of indoor and outdoor hunts for kids, for summer camp groups, and even for my nephews' Christmas gifts. I love making them and I love sending people on an adventurous search.

Let's face it...Scavenger Hunt games and activities are good fun for everyone!

If your an educator looking for free stuff for teachers, a parent looking for a rainy day activity, an event planner looking for corporate team building events, or just someone looking for outdoor games or party themes this site has what you're looking for.

I've had many people contact me over the years seeking help to create a customized hunt for their family or gathering. I love brainstorming new clues and idea for folks. Please contact me if you need help creating a unique activity for your group. Also, many folks have shared their ideas over the years. I love seeing photos of kids, teens and adults on the "hunt." Please help keep this free resource growing and add your hunts, games and ideas to the site as well.

Use the tabs on the left to navigate through the site and be sure you sign up for my RSS feed to keep up to date on all the new ideas and games that are added.

Facebook "likes" and "comments" have been added to the bottom of each page to encourage more interaction with site visitors. Please feel free to leave comments and additional scavenger hunt clues and ideas as you are perusing the site!

As always - Happy Hunting! I hope you find the activity you are looking for - if not, let me know and I'll work with you to create one for you!

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