Now you may be thinking…when would I ever use a purse scavenger hunt?  The answers are endless!!  Maybe you want a fun activity for a bachelorette party, or for your daughter’s sweet sixteen party.  Or maybe you are searching for an activity to break up your weekly office meeting.  Whatever the case, your group is sure to get a laugh and some insights into what we women carry around every day…what we like to have close at all times!

Go on, have a purse party!

So the premise of the purse hunt is simple.  Split into teams and the only things that the groups are allowed to use for props are their handbags!  Depending on the room you are in, you can have them shout it out when they have it, or, the more interesting (and more fun) way to play involves a team captain running the item up to the front.  In either case, the team to hand over the item (or call it out) first scores a point.

Here’s a list of scavenger hunt items you might want to include.

Scavenger Hunt “Purse Party”

* Lipstick

* A coin

* Calculator

* Hair rubber band

* Nail file

* Address book

* A postage stamp

* A permanent marker

* An index card

* A feminine product

* A paper clip

* Headphones

* Water bottle

* Mascara

* Baby photo

* A business card

* Nail polish

* The craziest thing in the purse. (This one will need to be judged.)

* The heaviest thing in the purse.

* A cell phone (Bonus points if it rings when they hand it over.)

This list is meant to get your imagination rolling. Good luck and have fun with this purse game! Try these icebreaker activities to get your party kicked off in style!

Here’s more info to help make your Purse Party a success.