Looking for fun corporate activities?  A corporate scavenger hunt is a great way to get your employees and co-workers familiar with the history of your company and with one another.  They make great corporate team building activities if you choose to split your employees into teams or you may just want to hand out the list and let each person do the hunt on their own.

If you’re looking for more corporate team building events this one is a great hunt for a company picnic, staff meeting, or corporate activity day.

Ideas for an Office Scavenger Hunt

* Find the person who founded the company.

* Find the person who has worked here the longest.

* Find the person most recently hired.

* In what city was the company first started?

* In what state is the company incorporated?

* How many employees does the company have?

* What are three major competitors to the company?

* Who is the oldest employee?

* Who is the youngest employee?

* How many people worked for the company when it first started?

* How many products/services are offered by the company?

* How many products/services were offered by the company when it first started?

Try organizing a couple of icebreaker activities and a corporate team building event each year to develop a sense of community and teamwork among your employees and co-workers. Everyone will appreciate this time well spent to boost office morale.

You can also use some of these corporate Christmas party ideas next time you are in charge of organizing the office Christmas party.

To boost motivation and provide inspiration, try posting some inspirational quotes like these business quotes or these leadership quotes around the office.

As always – have fun and enjoy the process of building your team together!

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