Here’s a creative around town scavenger hunt list.  It has an alphabet scavenger hunt theme as groups must find places starting with every letter of the alphabet on their around the town scavenger hunts.

For this group activity, participants must travel around town to find all of the places and objects on their scavenger hunt list.  They must then take a photo of members of the group making a letter of the alphabet with their bodies.  They cannot make the same letter of the object or location which they are at, and they must take a photo of themselves making every letter of the alphabet.

Split the group into teams of 4 – 5 participants.  Be sure that every group has a digital camera or smartphone in order to take the alphabet photos and to document that they did indeed find everything on their scavenger hunts around town.

If you a looking for a more traditional scavenger hunt around town, check this one out.

Around the Town Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A – Art Supply Store

B – Bank

C – Cemetery

D – Dumpster

E – Escalator

F – Flagpole

G – Graffiti

H – Historical Marker

I – Independent Bookstore

J – Jail

K – Kindergarten Classroom

L – Laundromat

M – Motorcycle Shop

N – Notary

O – Ostrich Yard Art

P – Police Car

Q – Quiet Sign

R – River

S – Steeple

T – Take-Out Sign

U – Umbrella on a Patio

V – Visitor Center

W – Water Fountain

X – E”x”tra. Teams must find their own place for this one!

Y – Y Traffic Sign

Z – Zero Emissions Label

Use this alphabet list as a starting point to come up with clues that are appropriate for your town hunt. Collect the photos when you are done and make a slideshow for the group. Have a pizza party and share the pictures with everyone. Enjoy!