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A teen scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get those adolescents up out of their chairs or off the couch and exploring the room, community, and/or world around them.  If you are looking for an exciting and engaging activity for a group of teenagers, try one of the hunts below!

A scavenger hunt for teens will encourage friendly competition and team building. It will hone their senses and allow them to have fun while learning and exploring. Plus teen always love good, fun, friendly competition!

So take some time to explore these scavenger hunts for teens and be sure to let me know if you are looking for a hunt idea that hasn't been included. Also, if you've facilitated successful teen activities, please share Your Scavenger Hunts and Teen Games here.

As always, have fun, be safe and happy hunting!

teen scavenger hunt

Teen Scavenger Hunt List

Icebreaker Game
This icebreaker game is great for teenagers who don't know one another.

City Hunt
This city hunt is a great crowd pleaser and will have your group exploring the ins and outs of the city in no time! 

City Walk
A great list of things to find on your next group city walk. Great for kids, teens and adults! 

Mall Scavenger Hunt
Mall games are a great addition to your teen games bag of tricks.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas
A wonderful resource as you develop your own photo hunt.

Travel Scavenger Hunt
This fun travel scavenger hunt is a must to add to your list of travel games and travel activities.

Town Scavenger Hunt
A great way to learn a bit of small town history and other interesting facts about your town.

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City Scavenger Hunt
Video Scavenger Hunt
Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
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More Scavenger Hunts for Teenagers

Photo Scavenger Hunt 
A crazy photo hunt for big group fun.

Video Scavenger Hunt 
A video scavenger hunt is great to add to your team building activities list.

Video Camera Scavenger Hunt 
Another great list of video camera scavenger hunt tasks.

Cool Car Games
Looking for cool car games for your next trip? Try this road trip game to keep those teens from picking on one another.

Movie Scavenger Hunt
A creative movie activity for teens.

Mall Scavenger Hunt List
A creative list of scavenger hunt items to find all around your local mall.This is a great mall game for a youth group activity or birthday party!

Around Town Scavenger Hunt
A fun alphabet scavenger hunt around town.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Good scavenger hunt clues for a hunt around your neighborhood.

More Visitor Submitted Teen Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Including a mall hunt, house hunt, picture hunt and birthday party hunt.

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