Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Bring this zoo scavenger hunt along on your next field trip to the zoo!  Whether you are going on a school field trip or taking your own kids for an afternoon outing, this is a great activity to do with kids - and a fun way to explore your local zoo.

Be sure the kids pick up a map on the way in so they can lead the exploration for this zoo activity and find the answers to these scavenger hunt questions.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt List

Zoo Scavenger Hunt
  • What is the name of one of the elephants living here at the zoo?

  • Find three herbivores that live at the zoo. What is an herbivore?

  • Collect a map of the zoo and circle the information booth and the nearest bathroom.

  • Find the oldest animal living here at the zoo.

  • Where are the snakes? Name three different types of snakes that live here.

  • What do the zookeepers feed the lions? 

  • Who lives next to the bears here at the zoo?

  • Buy a postcard of your favorite animal.

  • What is a raptor?  Give an example of two that live here at the zoo.

  • What is the name of a monkey who lives here?

  • Is there a giraffe here at the zoo? What does it eat?

  • Is there a playground here? Swing on the swing set and slide down the sliding board!

  • Shake the hand of a zookeeper and ask them what they like best about their job.

  • Name three animals at the zoo that you may also find in your neighborhood.

  • Do you see three animals that do not live here at the zoo?

  • Find two animals that have a pond or water feature in their living space. Why do you think they need water?

  • Which animal is the weirdest looking one here at the zoo?  Why do you think they look weird?

  • Which animal looks the friendliest - and which on looks the scariest?

  • Imagine living in a caged space. What would you like about it - and what would you dislike about it?

  • Give a hug to the adult who brought you to the zoo today!

Remember to have fun exploring your local zoo. Talk about the animals. Ask questions about their habitat, appearance, diet - get the kids thinking and observing as they stroll through the pathways and exhibits - and have fun!

Looking for another fun zoo scavenger hunt? Check out this zoo activity and bring it along the next time you take the kids on a field trip to the zoo!

Have some fun photos and stories to share from your adventure to the zoo?  Share them here!

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Zoo Scavenger Hunt
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Zoo Scavenger Hunt
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