Fun Zoo Activity

This fun zoo activity is a great one to bring along for your little tikes "zoo day".  It is  a great way for children to learn about the animals at the zoo and to encourage them to ask questions about the animals they are visiting.  Teachers can also use this free activity for a zoo field trip.  It works just as well for middle school and high school students.

Things to Bring Along

* Zoo Tickets
* Scavenger Hunt List
* Hat/Sunscreen/Raincoat
* Water bottles
* Binoculars (optional)
* Camera to take pictures of the zoo wildlife

Zoo Activity List - Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Zoo Activity List

* Find an animal that does not eat meat to survive.

* Find a bird with wings that are very colorful.

* Watch a zookeeper feed an animal. Does the animal seem friendly?

* Find a mother feeding her baby.

* Find the longest reptile in the zoo. What makes a reptile a reptile?

* Find an animal that hops.

* Find a mammal that swims. Watch it play in it's pool. What is a mammal?

* Find an animal that you have NEVER seen before. What is it? What does it like to eat?

* Find the smallest bird at the zoo. What kind is it? What is it's natural habitat? What is a habitat?

* Find a drinking fountain and take a drink. (Don't let this zoo activity wear you out!) Then go find an animal taking a drink. How does it drink it's water?

* Find the largest animal at the zoo. What is it? Where does it sleep?

* What is your favorite animal? Try to find it here at the zoo. If it's not here, why do you think that is? If it is here, take a picture of it.

* What is the most colorful animal here at the zoo? Why do you think it is so colorful?

* Go visit the lions. How are they different from pet cats?

* Visit the monkeys. What are they doing?

Have fun with this activityand feel free to add your own ideas to this list. Check out my zoo scavenger hunt for additional zoo clues. Also, remember to check online to look for a coupon code for your zoo tickets. It's always worth a try!

Did you have a fun little tikes zoo day? Or did you have a good time doing this activity with your fellow middle school classmates? Share your own zoo scavenger hunt clues and other ideas here! I'd love to continue growing this free resource for parents, teachers, youth leaders and event planners. As always happy hunting.

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