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This is THE place to share your scavenger hunt for kids!

You've seen my list of kids scavenger hunts. Hopefully you've even tried a few of the hunts in this collection. Now here's the opportunity to see the scavenger hunt ideas of others and to share your own creative games for kids.

This free resource will expand and grow from user submissions, so please do check back often. Feel free to add additional hunts as you come across them or use them with your kids. If you have any other great children's activities to share, please do so here!

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Tips for Creating a Scavenger Hunt Submission:

  • Begin with an introduction paragraph. Tell a bit about why you created your kids scavenger hunt.

  • Add headlines to break up long paragraphs so that it is easier for visitors to read your post.

  • If you are adding a scavenger hunt list of items, bullet or number them rather than putting them in a sentence separated by commas.

  • Upload at least one photo or image. This is Really Important. But - don't just copy one from the internet. Make certain that it is your original image that you have the right to use.

  • Make sure that your post is at least 350 words long. This is also Really Important so that the post looks good on the page and visitors recognize it as a legitimate scavenger hunt idea.

  • Have fun. Be creative. Share your scavenger hunt list in your own voice.
  • Add a closing paragraph that tells us how the scavenger hunt went and any tips or tricks you'd recommend for someone wanting to use your hunt.

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Scavenger Hunts for Kids submitted by users like you!

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Classroom Scavenger Hunt 
Classroom Game Introduction Welcome parents to Ms. Morgan's Classroom. I hope you had a wonderful summer break. I created this scavenger hunt …

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas 
We were going to use this as one of my son's Star Wars birthday party ideas, but we ran out of time. So I can't say for sure how well it would be received, …

Fun Food Scavenger Hunt
Riddle For Kids
This fun foods scavenger hunt is great to do with your children or grandchildren. Make sure the food items in the hunt are available in the house for kids …

Grandpa and Grandma's
"Christmas Gift Hunt"
My two grandchildren had a wonderful time on this Christmas Scavenger Hunt. My husband (Grandpa) and I bought them a basketball hoop for Christmas and …

Neighborhood Nature Hunt Not rated yet
I arranged this neighborhood nature hunt in the fall before the first neighborhood kids returned to school. The scavenger hunt sent them around the block …

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