Workplace Team Building Scavenger Hunt

by Carla
(Fargo, ND USA)

Team 3 on the slide!

Team 3 on the slide!

Team 3 on the slide!
Team 2 creating a human chalk outline.

For this Workplace Team Building Scavenger Hunt, I provided three teams of 5 people each with a plastic grocery bag to put their items in, a piece of paper, a pen, and sidewalk chalk.

Team Building Scavenger Hunt List

1. Have one team member put their arm through the hula hoop. Now all team members join hands. Pass the hula hoop around the ring without letting go of your hands.

2. Combine at least 3 very different beverages and drink your concoction. The grosser the better. Bonus points for a belch after. Video required, of course.

3. Find and photograph a juke box.

4. Find and photograph a Rock n Roll vinyl LP.

5. Get a stranger to do a piece of graffiti art or a pencil sketch on the paper provided depicting your team.

6. Photograph the best piece of graffiti you can find (#3 above excluded).

7. Take a photo of two team members and a mannequin.

8. Find and bring in a pinecone.

9. Solve this: » Throughout history, there have been thousands of well-documented cases of horses jumping over towers and landing on clergy and small men, forcing their removal. What am I?

10. Create a human chalk outline on the sidewalk of a public place with someone lying in it. Document the evidence with a photo.

11. Find and bring in a railroad spike.

12. Go to the southwest corner of the top of the parking ramp. What unusual object do you find? (Here I had previously placed 3 small items)

13. Find and bring in a disposable toilet seat cover

14. Make a video of the whole team singing a famous song from a famous movie standing in front of a theater.

15. A photo of the entire team on a slide.

16. Video a team member hanging upside down from monkey bars making monkey noises.

17. Write a limerick about our company.

Clue #18 (final clue) was the picture of the ceiling of a gazebo in the main park downtown. They were told to identify the picture and go to the location, where I was waiting with ice cream and rootbeer and made rootbeer floats.

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