Fun Winter Scavenger Hunt

Have fun outside in the cold with this winter scavenger hunt! Spice up your time in the snow and send your kids exploring with this list of things to find on a winter day. Be sure to have them bundle up so that they stay warm on the hun. Nothing spoils the fun like cold toes and cold fingers. Also - be sure to have a cup of hot cocoa waiting for them at the end of the hunt!

Winter Scavenger Hunt Clues

fun winter scavenger hunt
  • Find three different animal tracks.

  • Pretend you are a squirrel. Where would you sleep tonight?

  • Do you see any animals moving? What kind of animals do you see?

  • Find five different icicles. How are they formed?

  • If you had to build a fire, where would you build it?

  • Can you find a sign that someone has been here before you?

  • Throw a snowball high in the air and watch it drop. What did it sound like?

  • Look around. What is the oldest thing you can find?

  • Look down what is the smallest living thing you can find?

  • Find something hard.

  • Find something soft.

  • Do you see trees that have not lost all of their leaves?

  • What is the most beautiful thing that you can find?

  • Look up. What shapes do you see in the clouds?

  • Smell the ground. What does it smell like?

  • What is the brightest thing that you can find?

  • Where is the warmest place you can find that is still located outside?

  • Lay down in the snow. Is it easier or harder to get up versus when there is no snow on the ground?

  • Find something that an animal could eat for food.

  • Find something that does not look like it has been disturbed in the past 24 hours.

Are you looking for more fun seasonal scavenger hunts and games? Check out this printable packet of seasonal hunts ready to go! This fun winter hunt is included. Just add paper and print!

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Have more fun winter hunt clues? Please share them in the comments below. If you've created winter fun ideas for your kids, I'd love to hear about them and share them with this community. 

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to get kids and teens outside and having fun. Enjoy this winter activity!

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