What's In Your Booksack?

This booksack scavenger hunt is great for a fun Friday or that time in the semester when your middle school students need to clean out and throw out! The list could be adjusted to meet the needs of a younger elementary student. I created this list after years of experience in middle school and I'm always amazed at the variety of "stuff" that finds its way inside of a bookbag.


The Booksack Scavenger Hunt List

* rubberband
* paperclip
* chapstick
* small stapler
* gum wrapper
* keychain with house key
* one sock
* breath mint
* candy wrapper
* sticky note
* pink notecard
* note from/to a classmate
* bandaid
* toothbrush
* toothpaste
* ziplock bag
* plastic fork
* McDonald's Kids Meal Toy
* earplugs or earbuds
* padlock
* picture of a friend
* picture of a pet
* bean
* hand cream
* washcloth
* birthday card from a friend
* CD
* library book
* purple marker
* tack
* blue sharpie
* eraser top
* hand sanitizer
* yellow highlighter
* business card
* old school ID
* current school ID
* 12" ruler
* spool of thread
* magnet
* packet of salt
* packet of sugar
* comb
* hairbrush
* oragami paper
* drinking straw
* absentee slip
* note from parent
* belt
* PE shorts
* peppermint

You can add a "point" system to the hunt or just let them look to see how many things they find in their book bag or backpack. Enjoy!

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Fun idea for your students.
by: Anonymous

This is one big list! I think it will take some time for the students to find all of the items. Most of the things are fun stuff that we used to carry to school and dump at school. Those items are going to be the hardest to find.

This is a great activity for teachers!
by: "The Guru"

Thanks for submitting such a wonderful scavenger hunt for the classroom. I love the list of clues and scavenger hunt ideas. I never thought of a Backpack Scavenger Hunt! I give this The Guru's 5 Star Rating. Thanks for your contribution. Happy Hunting!

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