A video scavenger hunt is a great idea to add to your list of team building activities or teen games.  When doing a video camera scavenger hunt all that is needed is enough video cameras so that each group can have one.  Simply split your group into teams, send an adult out with each group, set a time limit and a meeting place and then let the group go.  This can also be done as a team building activity with a group of adults.

I’ve brainstormed a list of video hunt tasks for your game.  Use this list as a starting point and then take into account where you would like your hunt to take place.  Add scavenger hunt clue ideas that will fit your particular group and your particular venue.

It’s also fun to have each group pick a team mascot and then that mascot/object needs to appear in each video as well.  Be sure to pick a fun meeting spot at the end for a pizza party or ice cream social.  Have fun and be safe!

Video Scavenger Hunt Clues

  • Video of group singing Happy Birthday to a stranger in the park/mall/food court.
  • Video of the group helping people bring their groceries to their cars.
  • Video of a cow moo-ing.
  • Video of the group picking up ten pieces of litter.
  • Video of a blue car passing a red car.
  • Video of a stranger taking a video.
  • Video of the group playing leap frog in the park.
  • Video of the group ordering happy meals at McDonalds.
  • Video of the group visiting seniors at a nursing home.
  • Video of the group walking backwards thru a crosswalk.
  • Video of the group all climbing a tree together.
  • Video of a cat chasing a bird.
  • Video of the group singing “You are my sunshine” on some form of public transportation.
  • Video of the group doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk.
  • Video of a person walking 3 dogs.
  • Video of 20 feet walking in unison.
  • Video of the group playing on the local playground: swing set, slide, merry go round, teeter totter.
  • Video of the group forming the word “Happy” with their bodies.
  • Video of the group trying on funny hats at the costume store.
  • Video of the group running through a sprinkler.
  • Video of the group giving a bouquet of flowers to three different people.
  • Video of the group reading from a comic book in the bookstore.
  • Video of the group playing video games.

As always – Have fun. Be safe. And enjoy the hunt!