Fun Video Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here you will find some fun video scavenger hunt ideas for adults or for teens.  All that is needed is a video camera for each team and the following list of things to film.

Be sure to set a timeline for the hunt and a meeting place for the end of the hunt. It's fun to end at an ice cream parlor or pizza shop to enjoy a treat while swapping stories.

List of Video Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

video scavenger hunt ideas

* Video of a few seconds of a movie at the drive-in theater.

* Video of a dog crossing a cross walk.

* Video of the group singing the national anthem in the middle of a grocery store.

* Video of the someone giving a flower to the person working the drive thru at McDonalds.

* Video of a group member shaking hands with a policeman.

* Video of a group member doing a handstand on the street corner.

* Video of a plane flying in the sky.

* Video of a street musician performing. (Don't forget to ask permission and give them a tip!)

* Video of the entire group squished into an elevator.

* Video of 5 different group members calling their mothers and saying "I love you" to them.

* Video of two different birds in flight.

* Video of the group pushing one another in shopping carts.

* Video of the group taking their car thru the car wash.

* Video of the group members walking a labyrinth. If you can't find one, make one!

* Video of all group members swinging on a swingset.

* Video of a horse.

* Video of the entire group laughing out loud in the middle of the mall for three continuous minutes.

* Video of the group drawing with sidewalk chalk. Bonus point for the most creative!

* Video of the group painting one another's toenails. All members must participate!

* Video of the group playing hopscotch with strangers.

Hope you enjoyed these video scavenger hunts. Use this list of scavenger hunt items as a starting point to come up with your own unique list of video scavenger hunt clues.

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