Video Camera Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here are some great video camera scavenger hunt ideas to use when you are looking for your next fun teen activity or adult group game.  All that you will need are a fun group of folks and a couple of video camera recorders or even cell phones that can record video. 

Simply divide your larger group of teens or adults into several smaller groups.  Assign a team leader to each group and give them the video camera and the list of scavenger hunt items.  Make sure you set up an end time for the video activity and a meeting place.  Have fun!

video camera scavenger hunt

Video Camera Scavenger Hunt Checklist

  • Video of the group laughing on a street corner.

  • Video of every group member sliding down a slide.

  • Video of a group member interviewing a Starbucks employee, asking them: "what 's your favorite Starbucks drink", "what's your favorite Starbucks snack," and "what's your favorite thing about working at Starbucks?"

  • Video of the group building a human pyramid in the local park.

  • Video of various group members helping people with their groceries: bagging the groceries, helping them to the car, etc.

  • Video of group members collecting litter from the sidewalk, in a park, in a school yard.

  • Video of group members singing happy birthday with their cheeks stuffed with marshmallows.

  • Video of the group giving free hugs.

  • Video of another group on the hunt going about their business. They must NOT see you filming them!

  • Video of group members running through a sprinkler, a hose or a fountain. Bonus point if you do all three!

  • Video of all group members wearing something pink.

  • Video of the group dancing in a conga line. Bonus points if the group gets at least five strangers to join in!

  • Video of a group member pretending to give the weather report for the upcoming week.

  • Video of the group saying the ABC's with a group of children.

  • Video of the group skipping down the sidewalk while laughing out loud.

  • Video of the group tying their shoes together and walking one block before untying them.

Hope these video scavenger hunt clues have given you some good fodder for brainstorming your own video camera game.

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