United States Scavenger Hunt

This United States Scavenger Hunt is a great family activity.  It is one of my favorite scavenger hunts because it is an ongoing travel game to create fun family memories.  It is a must to add to your list of United States activities.  Basically you attempt to visit all 50 States and complete this list of scavenger hunt items for each state. 

Family travel games help to make vacations and road trips more fun for everyone.  Start with the state you live in.  Learn a bit of history of the area.  Visit some places you've never been to before.  Then branch out to the neighboring states.  Next time you are on a family vacation, complete the state scavenger hunt for that area of the country.  Print out a copy of the United States Scavenger Hunt to put in the glove box of your car.  Continue until you've completed the hunt in all 50 states!  

Note:  To make this United States activity an ongoing, lifetime adventure, keep a photo album or journal of your experience doing this travel scavenger hunt.  It'll be a fun family keepsake and a unique way to remember your fun family vacations and memories from each state scavenger hunt.

united states scavenger hunt

United States Scavenger Hunt List

  • Photo in front of a sign welcoming you to the state.

  • Photo in front of a sign bidding you farewell from the state.

  • Photo taken on the steps of the state capital.

  • Hiking map from the state's largest state park. (You must take at least one hike here!).

  • Photo of the state flower.

  • Photo of the state bird.

  • Visit the oldest town on record in the state and visit the museum in this town.

  • Visit the largest body of water in the state. Take a photo of your toes in the water!.

  • Who is one of the most famous people born in the state? Visit their birthplace.

  • Visit five different small towns and try out a local restaurant and/or coffee shop in each town. Chain restaurants don't count!.

  • Drive the most well-known road in the state and discover why it's so famous.

  • Visit an art gallery in five different towns in five different parts of the state to get a flavor for the inspiration of local artists.

  • Pick up a music CD of a local musician and listen to it on your scenic drives.

  • Buy a postcard from 5 different towns and send them to someone back home.

  • Participate in at least one adventurous activity: horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, fishing, etc.

  • Participate in at least one cultural activity: go to a play, go to a concert, watch a parade, etc.

  • Drive at least 50 miles on a back road. Take a photo of the most interesting thing you discover on your drive.

  • Visit the largest city in the state. Go to a museum, an art gallery, a city park, and an antique shop.

  • Find a fun bike path and go for a bike ride. This can be a rails-to-trails bike path in a small town or a city bike path through a park or along a river.

  • Take a photo of a sunrise and a sunset. (These are fun to compare from state to state!).

I hope you enjoyed this United States Scavenger Hunt challenge. I'd love to hear your feedback on this particular travel scavenger hunt. If you've taken the challenge and completed a state's activities, please share your experience below. Be sure to log each state as you complete them!

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Log your completed State Scavenger Hunt

Did you finish the scavenger hunt for one of the 50 States? Log your visit here!

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