Fun Travel Scavenger Hunt

Add this travel scavenger hunt to your list of travel games when you head out on the road or across the ocean.  Kids travel activities are always fun to have on hand in the airport, waiting for the ferry or on the bus.  

Tired of hearing "when can we get out of here" over and over again when you are traveling with teens or kids? If you pull out a travel game, you can pass those waiting hours having fun rather than getting frustrated and pulling your hair out!

A travel scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep your family or group engaged throughout your entire trip. The clues can be stretched out over the entire length of your travels or you can choose to have a "scavenger hunt day" in the midst of your trip. 

This fun hunt will definitely keep them on their toes as they seek to complete the list of travel activities below. The list is extensive to take into consideration all forms of travel so pick and choose what will work for you. Also be sure to check out these cool car games and these fun car games for your next road trip adventure!

travel scavenger hunt

Travel Scavenger Hunt Activities
for Kids and Teens

  • Coins from three different countries.

  • A piece of candy that you've never tried before.

  • A pink feather.

  • Ticket stub from a ferry ride.

  • Menu written entirely in another language.

  • Handful of black sand.

  • Sand dollar.

  • Photo of kids playing a game on the street.

  • Address of a new pen pal.

  • Postcards from 10 different places on the trip.

  • Photo of 3 different modes of public transportation.

  • Photo of a tree that you do not have at home.

  • A CD of music that is local to where you are traveling.

  • Ticket stub from a visit to a museum.

  • Three different maps of towns visited along the way.

  • Photo of you on a rental bike exploring a new place.

  • Find two people dressed differently than you.

  • Photos of 10 special local attractions that you go to on your trip.

  • A cool local toy.

  • An animal that you don't have at home. (Take a photo. Sorry, you can't bring it home.) 

Have some other travel game ideas you'd like to see added to this list - please do so in the Facebook comment section below.

Also, feel free to add your scavenger hunts and ideas here!  Help to keep this list growing with more fun family, teen, and kids travel activities.

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