Town Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This around town scavenger hunt is a great way to get to know the town you live in or the town you may have recently moved to.  It's a great way to learn a bit of town history and to get the lay of the land.

This is a fun scavenger hunt for teens too if you are looking for things to do with teenagers.  It is an experiential learning activity that will instill a bit of local pride and knowledge of the town in anyone who participates.

"Small Town History and More"
Scavenger Hunt List

  • When was the town formed?

  • What is the oldest building in town? Where is it located?

  • How many local parks are in town?

  • What is the oldest street in town? Where is it located?

  • Visit an independent bookstore and grab a flyer of what is happening there this month.

  • Where is the playhouse?

  • Where is the oldest movie theater?

  • Who is the mayor of the town?

  • Visit three historic landmarks in the town.

  • Who is the most famous citizen of the town throughout it's history?

  • What is the town known for?

  • What is the town's mascot? Get a picture of it.

  • Where is bingo night held in town?

  • Find three unique historic facts about your town.

  • What is the most highly attended festival in town?

  • Who is the best known local author? Read the jacket flap for one of his/her books.

  • What is the most famous restaurant in town? Meet here at the end of the hunt!

I hope you enjoyed this town hunt and you learned a bit of small town history. If you are looking for more fun scavenger hunts, see the links below.

As always - have fun and enjoy the hunt!  Be sure to stop back and let us know how it goes.

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