Things to do in Aruba:
Aruba Scavenger Hunt

Looking for things to do in Aruba? Be sure to bring this Aruba scavenger hunt along on your next trip to Aruba!

Whether you are heading to the island for a fun family vacation or for a romantic getaway to Aruba, this vacation game will be a lot of fun. It will also have you exploring parts of the island you may miss otherwise.  So what are you waiting for?  Print out this list and pack your bags and add this to your list of things to do on your Aruba vacation!  

Note: This is also a great activity if you are taking an all inclusive vacation to Aruba as it will get you out of your hotel grounds and exploring the island a bit more. 

If you are into booking family vacation packages - this Aruba scavenger hunt is a good one to bring along for any “free” days that you have with your kids - and will help to keep your cheap trip to Aruba fun for the whole family!

things to do in aruba

Aruba Activities List

The Great Aruba Scavenger Hunt

Note: Some of the scavenger hunt answers are given in parenthesis below. Be sure to delete them before you start the scavenger hunt. Enjoy these things to do in Aruba!

  • A recording of someone saying “I love Aruba” in Papiamento - (Mi stima Aruba)

  • Picture in front of local brewery (Balashi Brewery)

  • Picture in front of a Divi Divi Tree

  • Picture of you that includes the logo from your favorite NFL team

  • Sand from Eagle Beach

  • Menu (or photo of menu) from Top 3 restaurants on the Island (according to Trip Advisor)

  • Sample from Aruba’s oldest company ( Aruba Aloe Balm NV is the oldest company on Aruba. It was founded in 1890.)

  • Picture with a cruise ship in the background

  • Chip from XX casino

  • Something from the Aruba Butterfly Farm - brochure, map, postcard, etc.

  • Christmas ornament (picture)

  • Pic in front of “famous” road sign on beach walk (see attached – could do something cool with one of the cities - as in how far are we from x city?)

  • Find some promotional material from one of the last great authentic sailing ships operating in the Caribbean – a famous 80 ft. Windward sailing vessel built in 1925 of oak and mahogany (Mi-Dushi). And by the way, this is one of our personal favorite things to do in Aruba - head out sailing and snorkeling!

  • Papiamento is the native language of Aruba – get a picture in front of the restaurant that bears this same name

  • Boarding pass from  your flight to Aruba

  • There are several windmills on Aruba. One is where the hunt ends. Get a picture in front of another – an authentic Dutch windmill, built in 1804 in Friesland, Holland. (located near Palm Beach)

  • Get a mini golf scorecard

  • Buy an Aruban postage stamp

  • Obtain a map of Arikok National Park

  • Take a photo of someone windsurfing

  • Draw a picture of the Aruban Flag - Bonus points if your team can state what each of the four colors represents!

  • Postcard of x beach (or other location??)

  • Napkin from x restaurant/bar

  • Photo with a local fruit vendor

  • Pen from the hotel where you are staying

  • Drink Umbrella 

  • Photo of a starfish

  • Photo of a sand dollar

  • Photo of the entire group on a slide in x park

  • Photo by the high school

  • Cave art image

  • Video of the group frollicking in the ocean fully clothed

  • Photo of an iguana

  • Photo from inside x cave

  • Build a sand castle

  • Collect 5 seashells

  • Find three different animal tracks

  • Find a spider web

  • Get an ice cream cone from x

  • Visit one of the two main outdoor markets and buy a "One Happy Island" license plate.

  • Photo of a group member eating x (authentic Aruban dish?)

Additional Ideas for
Things to do in Aruba:

  • Photo with x (there can be several of these clues - think interesting sculptures, water features, famous signs/buildings, etc.)

  • Look for other well-known places that are on the island to come up with clues for:  Restaurants, Museums, Parks, Hotels, Historic Sites, etc.

  • Other easy things to collect...from well-known places...
    Drink Coaster
    Shell from x beach (photo of it to confirm)

Have you taken a vacation to Aruba?  I would love to add any additional clue ideas that you have. Add your feedback below and feel free to send on a photo or upload your own scavenger hunt or vacation activities list here!

As always - have fun. Be safe. And enjoy this fun Aruba scavenger hunt during your next Aruba vacation!

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