Things that Relate to your Birthday

by Dawn Cornwell
(Bremerton, WA USA)

The goal is to "Build You" by finding things that relate to your birthday!

In this scavenger hunt you will build your birth date by collecting a scavenger hunt item for every letter in your name, and every number in your birth date.

For example: My name is Dawn C. (abbreviated here, but each participant will need to spell out their whole name). To complete this birthday scavenger hunt, I will need to find something that starts with or has a "D" on it, then something for the "A"....and so on until I have completed my name. Then I will move on to my birth date. Participants can abbreviate their birth month or use the numbers, so in this case I will have to find 5/23/1955 equaling 7 items. No one item can be used as a duplicate for the same person. In my example I have three 5's in my birthday. Each scavenger hunt object needs to be a different item for every 5.

I'm still working out the logistics and am not sure what kind of time limit I should put on it. I am not working with a big group of teens, so maybe an hour to hour and 1/2 as I don't want them to lose interest in completing the hunt, or lose sight of the prize at the end. (Which I will have to make worth their efforts!)

I will let you know how it turns out!

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