The Road Kill Tease!

by Bryan

OK so you MAY not want to actually do this as a summer camp activity, but I just had to tell it because I thought it was so funny! When I was in college, some of the guys and gals went on a weekend retreat to a campground. We did all the usual singing, eating, games and things, but we fellas had a bit of an ornery streak and we played a little trick on the girls late at night.

We drove out to the highway and found a dead skunk and a dead cat along the side of the road! We put them in trash bags and tied them onto the hood of the car (so we wouldn't have to put them IN the car! EWWWWW!!!)

Once we got back to the cabins, we tied the dead skunk from the roof of the cabin so it hung down right in front of the girls' cabin door! If the girls opened the door they would see the dead skunk hanging in front of them and freak out! Brilliant, huh??

Then we laid the dead cat on the back porch of the cabin right in front of the door. It actually looked like it was sleeping! Ha!

So what happened? Well, in the morning, the girls weren't coming out and weren't coming out... so we made some little noises and scratches outside the front door to make them come out. One of the girls suddenly opened the front door and swung it wide open. It happened so fast that the door pushed the skunk out of the way and to the side! When she didn't see anyone there she closed the door again and locked it! She never even saw the skunk! Ugh!!

So we mischievous guys were quite disappointed with how THAT turned out! But the cat part turned out better...

Once the girls got up and around and started coming out the back door, they saw the cat and one by one... stepped over what they thought was a sleeping cat! Haha!! We laughed and laughed!

Once the girls realized the cat was actually DEAD, they were completely grossed out. Then we told them about the skunk, and SHOWED it to them and they were grossed out even more!

Two of them were so mad at us that they actually threw a fit and got in their cars and went home!

So you might not want to try this little trick if you don't want people getting so mad that they leave, but on the other hand, if you want to get loads of laughs (at the expense of someone else!), then get on your rubber gloves and start looking for road kill!

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