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Come on in and share those fun scavenger hunts for teenagers that you've created and used successfully.  You've been privy to The Guru's ideas, now it's time to share your creative games and ideas!  Be sure to check out the posts below - submitted by site visitors like you - as they may spark some creativity with your own planning!

This site is meant as a free resource for everyone and my hope is to encourage site visitors to share their ideas as well as to use the scavenger hunts that I've already compiled.

So, if you have some fun teen games to share, please use the form below to submit your ideas. Help to make this an even more comprehensive and collaborative collection of scavenger hunt lists, group games and teen activities.

And be sure to check out these additional teen scavenger hunt ideas submitted by site visitors like you!

Tips for Adding Your
Scavenger Hunt for Teens

  • Be creative and share your scavenger hunt in your own voice. Pretend you are telling a friend about your hunt.

  • Start with an introduction. Tell us a little bit about why you created this scavenger hunt for teens.

  • Be sure to upload at least one photo. This is REALLY important. Each submission need to have an image associated with it's page. But - also REALLY important - be sure that it is your original image and you have the right to be using it for this purpose.

  • The post should be at least 350 words long to ensure that is is viewed as adding a valuable contribution to this site.

  • Include any helpful tips or tricks for someone wanting to organize a similar scavenger hunt for teens.

  • Have fun with it - and feel free to come back and add other scavenger hunts that you organize or participate in.

Share Your Creative Teen Scavenger Hunts

Have you created a successful teen scavenger hunt? Do share!

Teen Scavenger Hunts from Other Users

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Not So Sweet 16 Party Scavenger Hunt 
For this "Not So Sweet 16 Party" Scavenger Hunt, I divided all of the participants into teams. I purchased bracelets that say "Sweet 16...If You Dare" …

Alphabet Photo Hunt 
The rules for this alphabet photo hunt are pretty simple. Split the main group into smaller groups of 4-6 team members (larger groups can get chaotic). …

What's In Your Booksack? 
This booksack scavenger hunt is great for a fun Friday or that time in the semester when your middle school students need to clean out and throw out! The …

Things that Relate to your Birthday Not rated yet
The goal is to "Build You" by finding things that relate to your birthday! In this scavenger hunt you will build your birth date by collecting a scavenger …

Delta O Sorority Scavenger Hunt Not rated yet
We planned this Delta O Sorority scavenger hunt and had a blast with it. I think it would be fun to do for a Sorority reunion as well. We added a point …

Biscoitos Scavenger Hunt Not rated yet
The tide pools of Biscoitos are the perfect place for a marine-themed scavenger hunt. My kids had a great time tide pooling as they poked around and searched …

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