Teen Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Submitted by Site Visitors

Here are some great teen scavenger hunt ideas that have been submitted over the years by site visitors like you. Check out the teen activities below as you start to brainstorm your own creative hunt.

Middle School House Hunt 

Anonymous Site Visitor - Moreland Hills, Ohio

"This visitor-submitted middle school house hunt is a
great indoor scavenger hunt.  A very creative list of
scavenger hunt ideas for this age group."
~ The Guru

House Scavenger Hunt List

  • cell phone
  • quarter
  • gum
  • candy wrapper
  • uneaten lunch food item
  • piece of homework
  • game controller
  • video game out of the container
  • yearbook
  • book started but not finished
  • garbage not in garbage can
  • empty pop can
  • hidden candy 
  • unmade bed
  • used tissue
  • empty cd holder
  • unused gift card
  • coat not on a hanger
  • dirty clothing on the floor
  • clean clothing in a laundry basket
  • clothing under the bed
teen scavenger hunt ideas

Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Submitted by Allison Jemison

  • a free sample from sephora
  • a bag from hollister 
  • a straw from great american cookies stand
  • a napkin from smoothie planet
  • a pack of mints from chico's
  • a cup from starbuck's coffee
  • a perfume sample from aeropostale
  • a pamphlet from jessica mcclintock
  • a business card from the verizon wireless store
  • a map of the mall

Clue Week: Picture Scavenger Hunt 

Submitted by Karen - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you, Karen, for this fun picture scavenger hunt. 
The list is great!  Feel free to brainstorm other ideas f
or your own custom photo hunt."

~ The Guru

Needed: Camera

  • Take a picture with someone wearing a uniform
  • Take a picture in front of a Volkswagen Beetle
  • Take a picture with the Dooley Statue
  • Take a picture kissing a guy’s cheek
  • Take a picture in front of the circulation desk of the Library
  • Take a picture of you proposing to someone random (you must kneel down on one knee and all) 
  • Dart around suspiciously while humming the theme from “Mission Impossible.” (video it as proof!) 
  • Walk up to a complete stranger and say, “Hi, I haven’t seen you in awhile…” and see if they pretend to know you also.  (Video it as proof!) 
  • Record yourself asking a 1800 number for a date
  • Take a picture with a varsity athlete 

Ashley’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Submitted by Ashley - Hueytown

We collected the following items during our mall scavenger hunt:

Birthday Party:
Teen Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • A free sample from sephora
  • A bag from hollister 
  • A straw from great american cookies stand
  • A napkin from smoothie planet
  • A pack of mints from chico's
  • A cup from starbuck's coffee
  • A perfume sample from aeropostale
  • A pamphlet from jessica mcclintock
  • A business card from the verizon wireless store
  • A map of the mall
  • A pac sun bag

Have your own teen scavenger hunts to share? Do so here!

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