Sunday School Games

by Chanda

If you are looking for fun bible activities to add to your Sunday school games and bible school games list, this is a great one . Or try it at home with your own kids!

This Bible Game is a great activity for kids in that it challenges their bible knowledge of the following:

1. Boys names in the bible (Male names)
2. Girls names in the bible (Female names)
3. Names of places and towns in the bible
4. Names of animals, insects, fish etc. (An exception is made here as these do not have to be in the bible.)
5. Books of the bible

How to Play this Sunday School Game

To set up this bible activity, each person has a piece of paper and divides the paper into 5 parts under the headings boy, girl, place, animal, book and total at the end.

For the sake of explanation, let's say that you have 4 kids in your Sunday school class by the names of x, y, z and q playing. To begin the kids activity, x asks y to start reciting the alphabet in their head (by simply saying "start") and then asks them to stop (by saying "stop"). Y can be as fast or as slow as they wish to be in going through the alphabet.

When x says "stop" to y, if y stopped at b, everyone then quickly writes a boys name, girls name, place, animal and book of the bible that starts with the letter b. For example: Boaz for boy's name, Bathsheba for girl's name, Bethleham for place, Baboon for animal, and woops, can't think of book that starts with b! After not getting a book, someone in group would say stop.

The idea is to be as quick as possible and immediately when you finish you shout out "Stop". Each player then says out loud what they wrote down and points are allocated for the words found. If more than one person got the same word they get 5 points. However if someone writes down a word that is not written by anyone else, this player gets 10 points.

Y than asks z to recite alphabet mentally in their head and asks him/her to stop . Each person gets a chance to recite the alphabet and to control the starting and finishing of the alphabet. This is best done in the order in which the children are seated in the circle.

You can have as many rounds as you want depending on the number of children in your Sunday school class.

***Note: You are of course not limited to biblical names. This children's activity can also be done with names from the Koran, from Shakespeare's plays, and from other well known books.***

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Jul 27, 2015
by: Sunny

You have done a great job and I really appreciate you for sharing such a wonderful Sunday School game. I was searching for such games and I have visited this blog at the right time. Thank you very much!

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