Summer Camp Memories
Of a Midnight Island Trek

by Jane
(Ontario, Canada)

One of my best summer camp memories at Camp Mi-a-kon-da Ontario was a midnight island trek for what seemed like miles (but wasn't really). It was always rather exciting.

Here in Ontario Canada, I attended a girls' summer camp 2 summers in a row. This was many many years ago, and I experienced a terrible case of home-sickness at the start. This girls' camp though really went out of their way to make life very interesting for the huge number of girls attending from all walks of life and ages, ranging from 8 years of age to young teenagers.

In addition to summer camp crafts, sing alongs in the lodge on rainy nights, and "skills" building exercises like earning badges for being able to take down or raise a flag, building a campfire, canoeing and swimming, there were always surprises that were thrown in to the camp schedule. This was done to keep some of us way too busy to miss home I would assume.

Lights out was fairly early, and most of us camp girls were all asleep easily by 10 p.m. I remember being quite startled one night by camp counselors with flashlights telling me to "get up quick; put on a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and running shoes. Grab a blanket as well." We were quite puzzled as we scrambled to wake up from a dead sleep and get dressed. All we knew was that we were to follow our camp counselor.

We walked for what felt like forever in the moonlight on a trail that ran through the large Island we were on. We were actually walking at midnight to the other side of the Island. When we got there to the beach, there were campfires burning. We were given marshmallows and hot chocolate, and told to sit and just enjoy.

The senior camp counselors were all there ahead of us preparing this midnight summer camp event, and the next few hours were spent being entertained by those who played guitars. It was tiring, but fun, and was certainly the talk of the camp the next day. This was definitely one of my favorite summer camp memories.

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