Fun Summer Camp Ideas

These summer camp ideas are great to share amongst your staff.  Having directed many camps in the past, I know that down time for campers is just asking for trouble.  Many of the summer camp games listed below are ones that I've facilitated with campers or taught my counselors so that they could add them to their bag of tricks.  There are even some that work well during staff training week.

Summer Camp Activities List

Camp Staff Training
This is a scavenger hunt to get your new staff acquainted with camp.

Summer Camp Activity List
Some classic camp games and new activity ideas to add to your bag of tricks! 

Camp Leadership Training
A fun activity to emphasize leadership skills and camp counselor attributes. 

Icebreaker Activity
Use this icebreaker activity to get your campers mingling on the first day of camp. 

Summer Camp Evening Program Ideas
A list of fun evening program activities. Submit your favorite campfire activity to the growing list!

Summer Camp Activities for Kids
This is a growing list broken down by activity type of varied activities to cater to all types of campers.

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More fun summer camp ideas

Top Ten Summer Camp Activities
My personal Top Ten Summer Camp Activity ideas. Check it out and add your top ten to this page as well! 

Summer Camp Games Resource
A great collection of camp games. Add your favorites to this list!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
This is a great scavenger hunt for campers to promote awareness of the world around them. 

Photography Game
Do you run a creative arts camp? Check out this fun photography game.

Inspirational Quotes
A collection of great inspirational quotes, life quotes, motivational quotes, and famous quotes to use at summer camp morning gatherings, mealtimes and evening campfires.

Looking for a ready-made activity that will give your camp staff a bit of a breather as their campers take off in teams in search of a list of items? Be sure to check out the printable scavenger hunt packets that are colorful and ready for use by your staff.  All your camp counselors need to do is add paper to the office printer, print off enough copies for their campers and away they go! There are several to choose from or you can buy a packet per counselor and laminate them for future use. Enjoy! 

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What are your best summer camp ideas?

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Summer Camp Ideas from other visitors.

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Eagle Eye Camp Game Not rated yet
Eagle Eye is a fun camp game to add to your bag of tricks. It can also be played on group outings and is a great kids activity to keep in your collection …

The Road Kill Tease! Not rated yet
OK so you MAY not want to actually do this as a summer camp activity, but I just had to tell it because I thought it was so funny! When I was in college, …

Summer Camp Memories
Of a Midnight Island Trek
 Not rated yet
One of my best summer camp memories at Camp Mi-a-kon-da Ontario was a midnight island trek for what seemed like miles (but wasn't really). It was always …

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