Summer Camp Activity List

This summer camp activity list is a collection of some of my favorite summer camp activities for kids and teens.  This list of games is for all of you summer camp counselors and summer camp program directors searching for something new and different or in search of old camp classics.  The summer camp ideas have been divided into categories where possible and then there are some bonus activities at the end of the list.

Have a garden at camp? Check out these fun garden activities for kids. There are several fun garden games, a garden scavenger hunt and other hands-on activities for fun in the garden.

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Summer Camp Activities
for Kids and Teens

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Summer Camp

* Friendship bracelets

* Pinecone bird feeders

* Wooden crafts: plaques, shelves, stools, etc.

* Candle making

* Tie dye t-shirts, socks or pillowcases

* Beading: necklace, bracelet, window hanging

* Nature installation art: Think Andy Goldsworthy

* Sidewalk chalk art

* Nature bracelets

* Didgeridoos (from pvc pipe)

* Knitting, crocheting

* Journal making

* Noisemakers

Group Games for Camp

* Ultimate frisbee

* Frisbee golf

* Capture the flag

* Kick the can

* Camp wide scavenger hunt

* Parachute games

* Team building activities

* Tag games

More fun summer camp games can be found here!

Evening Program Ideas

Find some great evening program ideas here.

Pool Games

* Marco polo

* Sharks and minnows

* Water volleyball

* Water polo

* Pool scavenger hunt

Theme Meals - Theme Days - Theme Nights

* Bingo

* Dance party

* Carnival

* Town Hall meeting

* "Pairs" Meal: dress up as a pair with someone (pair of dice, pair of socks, fork and spoon, etc.)

* Backwards meal: dress with clothing on backwards

* Bed Head breakfast 

* Water party: water balloons, water guns, giant slip and slide, etc.

Additional Summer Camp Activity Ideas

* Creek stomp 

* Creative cloud watching

* Yoga

* Drum circle

* Service projects (either around camp or in the local community)

* Cabin group campouts

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check back for more summer camp activities for kids as this list will continue to grow. I'd love to hear your suggestions as well. Please add your favorite summer camp games in the comments below.

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