Summer Camp Activities

Here you will find a collection of my top ten summer camp activities. Included are summer camp games, evening program ideas, and other bonus activites. There are so many different summer camp ideas out there and it's always fun to learn new ones. These are my personal Top Ten Favorites. I'd love to hear yours!  Let's face it, we can all stand to spice up our "bag of tricks" as each new summer rolls around!

In an effort to keep this resource growing with fresh, new ideas:  Please share your Top Ten Summer Camp Activity Ideas here! 

Top Ten Summer Camp Activities

1. Cabin overnights or cabin camp outs. One night of the session have each cabin sleep outside under the stars with their cabin group. This is especially fun if they spend the entire evening outside, cook their dinner over the fire or camp stove, tell stories, sing songs, look at the stars, etc.

2. Organize a camp carnival. Carnival ideas to include: face painting, water balloon toss, costume contest, splash the camp staff, dance party, etc.

3. Play kick the can; a true camp classic. (Find the directions and more fun summer camp games here.)

4. Organize an all camp scavenger hunt or all camp man hunt.

5. Evening campfire. This is by far the best summer camp activity there is. Be sure to include songs, skits, storytelling, and audience participation. Check out more evening program ideas here!

6. Make your own pizza night. This is another favorite and a great activity to do on the last night of each summer camp session. Have the cabin groups come to the dining hall 2-3 cabins at a time to make individual pizzas and fill out feedback forms while all other cabins are helping campers to pack and get ready to go home. Be sure to have all the fun pizza toppings on hand, and extra goodies for the camp staff! Put a piece of baking paper on top of each baking sheet and have everyone write their name by their pizza and their cabin number as well. This really is a camp favorite!

7. Late breakfast was always one of the most fun summer camp activities at the camp I directed in Colorado. Staff and campers got to sleep in for an hour or so while the summer camp directors fired up the camp stoves and made pancakes for everyone, complete with blueberries, chocolate chips, and/or bananas! The extra sleep was appreciated and who doesn't like hot pancakes out in the middle of the woods on a beautiful Rocky Mountain morning?

8. Challenge activities are a must to incorporate into your summer camp activity schedule. These can include team building exercises, low/high ropes course, climbing wall, top rope rock climbing, etc. Summer camp is a wonderful place for campers to learn to challenge themselves and succeed in a safe, controlled environment.

9. Take those campers hiking! In today's world of ipads, iphones and video games, many children and teens are not getting outside to explore the natural world. Summer camp is a great place to show them that being outside is fun. Hiking, mountain biking, archery, backpacking - all of these help to instill the love of nature into your campers.

10. Arts and crafts are an important component of any summer camp. They help to round out your summer camp activity list to include games and ideas for the quieter or more creative campers in your group. Drama and dance sessions are also really fun. Try blasting some fun music to wake up your campers right after cabin tim e and watch the impromptu dance parties that sprout up!

Be sure to check out this summer camp activity list for more great camp ideas!

Your Top Ten Summer Camp Activities

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