Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring is in the air!

And this signs of spring scavenger hunt will get you excited for this fresh change in the seasons. Use the scavenger hunt list below as a guide to help you think of seasonal scavenger hunt clues that work for your backyard, neighborhood or other location.

It's fun to pick and choose a combination of hard to find items and those that are easy to spot. Also, try doing this hunt in your backyard and then heading to the neighborhood park to try it again as you look for signs of spring in your neck of the woods. Another great suggestion is to go out at the very beginning of Spring for this activity and then do the activity again later in the spring. It's fun to see the changes that occur in your backyard, local park and/or neighborhood. And if it's not quite spring, here's a fun winter scavenger hunt to tide you over!

spring scavenger hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt Clues 

  • Bud on a tree

  • Two different flowers

  • Someone skateboarding

  • Three puddles to stomp in

  • A pussy willow

  • Two different sounds of birds chirping

  • A seed pod

  • Another type of seed

  • A baby bird

  • Someone washing their house windows

  • A caterpiller

  • Mud to squish between your fingers

  • Dandelion growing

  • A spider web

  • A bird’s nest

  • An ant hill

  • A rainbow

  • Someone barbecuing

  • A slug

  • A mushroom

  • A bunch of daffodils

  • An egg

  • A feather

  • Ducks in the water

  • An animal shape in the clouds

  • A new plant coming up through the ground

  • Someone riding a bicycle

  • A baby animal

  • The sound of a baby crying

  • A bolt of lightning

  • An earthworm

  • Someone wearing shorts

  • A new seedling

Other spring activity ideas
to spark your creativity:

Here are some tips for other springtime scavenger hunt clues. Use your imagination and have fun!

  • Listen for certain sounds of spring

  • Look for different spring colors

  • Take photos of various signs of spring that you see

  • Include common seasonal smells of spring 

  • Look for people doing springtime activities and chores

  • Look for things that are unnatural to see in springtime

Have fun with these springtime scavenger hunt ideas as you encourage your kids to get outside and explore the change of seasons with this hands-on nature activity. 

Have other spring scavenger hunt clues and spring activity ideas to share? Please do so in the comments below!

Looking for seasonal scavenger hunts that are ready to go? Check out the printable packet below and enjoy!

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