Use this scavenger hunt list of ideas to create your own outdoor hunt. This is a meant as a list to start the brainstorming process for you.

Choose what is readily available in your particular neighborhood, park or hiking area and send your group out searching!  Some of the scavenger hunt items below may not be a good fit. Skip over those and look around you to find new, interesting items unique to your area.

If you would rather save the time, check out these ready-made nature scavenger hunts for a variety of settings – especially these outdoor scavenger hunt items.

I have also made a list of indoor scavenger hunts and have come up with some wild and crazy scavenger hunt clue ideas.

As always. have fun. Be safe. And enjoy the hunt!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Clues

*  Leaf

*  Bark

*  Pine Needle

*  Trail Sign

*  Rock

*  Mailbox

*  Flower

*  Sand

*  Stick

*  Bicycle

*  Vegetable

*  Swingset

*  Palm tree

*  Waterfall

*  Basketball Hoop

*  Ant

*  Bird

*  Spider

*  Ladybug

*  Feather

*  Seashell

*  Crab

*  Tent stake

*  Firefly

*  Pine cone

*  Street sign

*  Graffiti

*  Mammal

*  Fungus

*  Clover

*  A certain tree

*  Ashes

*  Clay

*  Railroad tracks

*  Airplane

*  Eagle

*  Icicle

*  Cricket

*  Sailboat

*  Animal track

*  Lightning bolt

*  Rainbow

*  Hay bale

*  Old tractor

*  Kite

*  Sand box

*  Swimming pool

*  Shooting star

*  Covered bridge

*  Cemetary

*  Butterfly

*  Frog

*  Nut

*  Autumn leaf

*  Seed

*  Mammal

*  Fish

*  Tadpole

*  Litter

*  Nest

Have fun with this list and please contact me if you brainstorm anymore fun scavenger hunt ideas to add to this list.  I’d like to keep it growing with user submitted thoughts, so please let me hear from you!