Scavenger Hunt List Ideas
For the Classroom

Use these scavenger hunt list ideas as you create your own scavenger hunt for your students.  We all love teacher freebies!  Here is an extensive collection of brainstormed creative lesson plan ideas for your use in the classroom. 

Be sure to check out my free stuff for teachers section as well for some ready-made scavenger hunts.

Are you looking to create your own indoor scavenger hunt lists?  Or, are you hoping to come up with a scavenger hunt list of outdoor items?  Don't hesitate to look around as this site is full of scavenger hunt list ideas and pre-made hunts.

In the meantime, use these this list of clues as a guide as you create your own hunt.

Scavenger Hunt List for the Classrom and Schoolyard

*  Local newspaper

*  Color of the roof

*  Index card

*  Paper clip

*  Ruler

*  Apple

*  Lunch tray

*  Hall pass

*  Spool of thread

*  Library book

*  Red pen

*  Piece of chalk

*  Post it note

*  Absentee slip

*  Scissors

*  Purple marker

*  Masking tape

*  Magnet

*  Magazine

*  Soup ladle

*  Tack

*  Highest locker number

*  Librarian's signature

*  Number of desks in the class

*  Location of nurse's office

*  Brown dry erase marker

*  Signature of your homeroom teacher

*  Last night's homework assignment

*  First word on page 20 of the dictionary

*  Number of basketball hoops on the property

*  Principal's business card

*  Phone number of the office

*  Number of card catalog computers

*  Number of soccer fields

*  Distance in feet of the shortest hallway

*  Janitor's signature

*  Color of the art room's walls

*  Number of computers in the computer lab

*  Address of the school

*  Location of teacher mailboxes

*  Blue Sharpie marker

*  Piece of toilet paper

Not what you're looking for?  Contact me if you are in need of help creating your own unique hunt.

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