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This is THE place for free scavenger hunt ideas.
Use them to create your own scavenger hunts.
The sky is the limit.
Add your own ideas and tailor your hunt for your audience!

I have brainstormed several lists of scavenger hunt clues that you can mix and match to create a hunt that is specific to your audience. The links below will take you to several different lists of items that will get you started. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is meant to help you along the way in your brainstorming process.  I will continue to add clues as I receive feedback from site visitors. Be sure to weigh in and add your scavenger hunts here!


Check out this scavenger hunt list of items found outside.

Or try this alphabet hunt list of outdoor scavenger hunt items.  (Alphabet scavenger hunts can be a lot of fun as you can assign point values to each letter if you want to make it a contest.)

Around the house:

Check out these scavenger hunt lists of items found in the house.

At School:

Check out these scavenger hunt list ideas for the classroom.

Outside the Box:

Fun and crazy scavenger hunt lists to get you on your way to creating a wild and zany game for your group.


Funny scavenger hunt items to add a bit of spice to your list of clues.

Please contact me if you have any other lists of scavenger hunt clues that you would like to see included here.  I want this to be a resource that is helpful to everyone.

Do you have a free scavenger hunt list that you would like to have included? Let me know and we'll share it with our community.

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