Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for additional scavenger hunt ideas for kids so that you can create something truly unique? Below you will find some of my additional thoughts on creating “cool” and unique hunts that will be memorable for your children. Browse the ideas below and get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to contact me if you need some help with the planning process. Also check out my printable scavenger hunt packets if you are short on time and big on just getting out there with your kids!

So here are my additional scavenger hunt thoughts as you go about starting to plan one for your group.

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Creative places to hold a scavenger hunt for kids:

  • At a swimming pool
  • At the local park
  • At the nearest Kids Museum
  • On a family hike
  • At the beach
  • Arrange an on the water hunt - via canoe, raft, paddle board, etc.
  • At a restaurant
  • At the airport
  • At the gym
  • In the community garden
  • At the local farmer’s market
  • At the grocery store

Creative scavenger hunt themes geared towards children and youth:

  • Superhero scavenger hunt

  • Cooking or baking hunt - to find ingredients and utensils in the kitchen - or around the neighborhood

  • Board game hunt - to find various objects from their favorite games

  • Do a color hunt for younger children - to find items/toys that match each color

  • Do an alphabet hunt - basically have them find an item that begins with each letter of the alphabet

  • Do a nature hunt to engage the five senses

  • Do an adventure hunt where the kids try new adventurous activities as part of each clue

Other Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

  • Hold an “art hunt” where they must draw/color/paint/etc. the objects on the list as they find them.

  • Fill a box with balloons that have had a clue placed in them before they were blown up. Kids have to pop the balloons one at a time and go out in search of the clue before coming back to pop the next one.

  • Arrange an “un-natural” hike that is about 100 yards or so long. Kids get one chance to walk along and observe and find as many unnatural things as they can. Ideas of items to hide include: matchbox cars, a stuffed monkey hanging from a tree limb, a pipe cleaner wound around a branch or a stem, etc.

  • Put together a puzzle hunt. At each location kids collect a different puzzle piece. Once they’ve found everything they will be able to successfully put together the “puzzle” and find the prize!

  • Design an obstacle course hunt - You can either hide clues throughout the course or give each participant a clue as they complete each obstacle.

  • The next time you are giving a gift to a child, send them on a scavenger hunt to find the gift! This is a fun one that will have them running around the house or party area as they go from clue to clue in search of their present.

I’m sure I will be adding to this list of additional scavenger hunt ideas for kids - with more kids activity ideas as they come to mind or as they are shared by site visitors. Feel free to add your own thoughts to this collection in the Facebook commenting section below.

As always - Have fun and Happy Hunting!

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