Scavenger Hunt Clues
Creative Ideas to Keep It Fun

Sometimes it's hard to come up with creative scavenger hunt clues.  Sometimes you just get stuck and can't brainstorm anymore.  Here you will find clues and ideas to get you unstuck and back on track to putting together the best hunt for your group.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

First, decide whether you will be hiding items or if they will be items that are already in place at your location.

Next, decide if you want to have a theme for your hunt.  If so, you will want your clues to coincide with that scavenger hunt theme.

Another thing to think about: do you want your clues to link together to lead to one ultimate clue?  For example, each team only gets one clue and when they find that one, there is another clue waiting for them at that location to lead them to the next spot.  Or, do you want to give your participants a list of items and they go for it all at once in whatever order they choose?

Clues should be age appropriate.  For small children maybe the clues are pictures of the items if they can't read yet.  For more challenging adult scavenger hunts, maybe your clues are in a code that teams need to decipher.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Scavenger hunt riddles are an interesting way to organize your activity.  Each clue can be a puzzle of it's own where participants figure out the puzzle and it leads them to a clue.  Or, participants can discover clues along the way and when they are finished, all of those clues will add together to answer a riddle that you give them at the beginning.  This is a fun idea when organizing a scavenger hunt for teens or adults.  It makes it more challenging than simply looking for a list of items.

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started.  Be sure to check out these lists of scavenger hunt ideas and clues to help with your brainstorming process!

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