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Homeschool Scavenger Hunt Ideas?

I'm a homeschooling mom. I'm looking for ways to tie the scavenger hunts with topics of study (educational fun). Isn't there usually some kind of award

Continue reading "Homeschool Scavenger Hunt Ideas?"

Scavenger Hunt Questions

Good scavenger hunt questions and answers. Have a question about scavenger hunts? Ask it here and our community will answer!

Continue reading "Scavenger Hunt Questions"

Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt

Our Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt started with a note from Santa saying that he left a few Christmas gifts at the end of the hunt. The clues then were

Continue reading "Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt"

Workplace Scavenger Hunt

For this workplace scavenger hunt employees were divided into 3 teams (5 people each). After they completed each clue they were given a letter. At the

Continue reading "Workplace Scavenger Hunt"

Workplace Team Building Scavenger Hunt

For this Workplace Team Building Scavenger Hunt, I provided three teams of 5 people each with a plastic grocery bag to put their items in, a piece of paper,

Continue reading "Workplace Team Building Scavenger Hunt"

Halloween Party Idea Central - Scavenger Hunt Guru

Looking for a fun Halloween party idea? Here's a great collection including a spooky scavenger hunt and Halloween party games.

Continue reading "Halloween Party Idea Central - Scavenger Hunt Guru"

Magazine Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Guru

A magazine scavenger hunt for kids, teens or adults. Creative scavenger hunt clues to create a unique vision board.

Continue reading "Magazine Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Guru"

Backyard Scavenger Hunt Lists

A collection of fun backyard scavenger hunt lists for toddlers and small children. Printable scavenger hunts for the backyard!

Continue reading "Backyard Scavenger Hunt Lists"

Scavenger Hunt Around Town

If you are organizing a scavenger hunt around town, this creative scavenger hunt checklist for kids or teens is a great place to start.

Continue reading "Scavenger Hunt Around Town"

Fun Winter Scavenger Hunt

Looking for winter games? This fun winter scavenger hunt is great for kids and teens. Enjoy the season outside with this winter hunt for winter fun!

Continue reading "Fun Winter Scavenger Hunt"

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