Scavenger Hunt Around Town

If you’re organizing a scavenger hunt around town for kids or teens, you’ve come to the right spot.  Simply print out the scavenger hunt checklist below and send your group on their way. If you need help organizing the hunt, check out this article on planning a scavenger hunt.

Clues for a Fun Scavenger Hunt Around Town

scavenger hunt around town
  • Find a sign that shows when the town was founded
  • Find the hours that the public library is open
  • Collect a deposit slip from the bank
  • Find three items that are on sale today at the local grocery store 
  • Find a flyer with the town’s name printed on it
  • Take a photo of the Little League baseball fields
  • Collect a change of address form from the Post Office
  • Count the swings at the local park
  • Collect a receipt for an ice cream cone at the local ice cream shop
  • Take a photo of the red, white and blue spinner at the barber shop
  • Find the oldest headstone in the graveyard. When was this person born?
  • Get the signature of a policeman
  • Collect a sticker from the local bike shop
  • What time does the Sunday service start at three different churches in town?
  • Name three movies playing at the theater this evening
  • Find a “slippery when wet” sign and take a photo of it
  • Count the steps leading up to the courthouse
  • Take a photo by the elementary school sign
  • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers by the roadside
  • Find three out of state license plates - take photos of them
  • Collect a copy of the local paper and find the most creative headline
  • Collect 5 pieces of litter
  • Count the benches at the local dog park
  • Find five different types of trees around town - take photos - bonus points if you can name them!
  • Visit the local nursery/garden shop and find your favorite flower
  • Take a photo of the longest bridge in town
  • Collect a take out menu from your favorite restaurant in town
  • Find the station with the lowest price per gallon of unleaded gasoline
  • How many fire trucks does the local fire station have?
  • Find the building in town that is flying the largest flag

These creative scavenger hunt ideas are meant as a starting point to get your brainstorming started. If you are looking to create your own scavenger hunt clues specific to your town, check out these related hunts for more ideas:

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