Rainy Day Activities For Children

Looking for fun rainy day activities for children?  Don't want to stay holed up in the house with the kids all day?  Why not get out for some puddle stomping fun with this rainy day scavenger hunt!

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt List

* 5 different sized worms

* The largest puddle you can find. (Be sure to jump up and splash in them all to make sure you've found the biggest one!)

* Animal tracks in the mud

* 10 hidden quarters (You'll need to hide them ahead of time and when your kids find them, they get to keep them!)

* Shh...listen. Name five different sounds that you hear

* A water droplet on a blade of grass

* A place that is protected from the rain (under a tree, by a bush, etc.)

* An animal that is out in the rain

* A natural object to collect water in (a leaf cupped in your hand, a piece of bark, etc)

* An animal's home (where they are warm and dry!)

* A dry stick - in case you needed to start a fire to stay warm

* Write a message in the mud

* A rainbow, if you're lucky!

rainy day activities for children

More Rainy Day Activities for Children

* Make mud pies.

* Make mud creatures using mud, sticks, leaves and any other natural objects you can find.

* Have a mud fight. Then break out the hose and hose the kids down!

* Make a slip and slide in the mud. (Warning: Your yard could get ripped up with this one, but it's a lot of fun!)

* Have a water balloon toss in the rain.

However you decide to spend your day in the rain, be sure that your kids are properly attired with rain gear and warm enough layers so they don't get cold when they get wet during your rainy day activity.

Be prepared when the fun is over to hose them down, have towels on hand and a warm bath ready to go. I'm sure you'd get bonus point from your kids if you also had hot chocolate on hand.

I hope you enjoyed this rainy day scavenger hunt and other rainy day activities! Please share any ideas your have for rainy day fun in the comments below.

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