How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Here you will find tips on how to plan a scavenger hunt that will be perfect for your group.  Are you a bit overwhelmed on where to begin?  Have too many ideas or none at all?  No worries!  That is what The Scavenger Hunt Guru is here for - to help you on your way to a successful hunt. 

Check out the information below and explore the site for ready-made scavenger hunts and fun scavenger hunt ideas.

Tips for Planning a Scavenger Hunt

First, figure out who your audience is going to be.  

Are they going to be children, teens, adults or a combination of ages?  Are they co-workers, students, family members?  This is important so that your hunt will cater to your particular group.

Next, determine your group size.  

Is this a hunt for one specific person (for example your hubby on Valentine's Day) or are you planning an activity for a group of 30 high school students?  This will determine the supplies you will need and the amount of time/creativity you want to put into preparations.

Now it's time to think of your scavenger hunt clues.  

Be sure to remember your audience as you measure difficulty level and time to find objects that you put in your list.  Spend some time looking around the area where you are going to hold your hunt.  Be observant and try to think outside the box as you come up with your clues.

It's also very important when planning a scavenger hunt to come up with a framework and guidelines.  

Scavenger hunt rules will help to make your hunt run smoothly and will keep it fun for everyone, especially if you are planning for a large group.  Be sure to set these up ahead of time and be ready to explain them to the participants ahead of time.

Finally, it's important to note that participants may come up with scavenger hunt answers are different from the ones that you had in mind.  

Remember to prepare for this and be clear with your group if you are looking for one certain item or if they are allowed to be creative with their answers and discoveries.

As always, happy planning - and happy hunting!

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