A Picture Scavenger Hunt
For the Wee Ones

A picture scavenger hunt is a great activity that will encourage your group of preschoolers to explore.  This hunt will have them locating and recognizing items in an organized and fun fashion.

This is the perfect hunt for kids who are not yet able to read.  They are able to do the hunt via picture recognition and matching.

Maybe you are a stay at home mom looking for a moment of breathing room. A picture hunt will engage your child in a new way and will allow you to watch them find things on their own. So the premise of the picture scavenger hunt is simple. You distribute pictures of your items to the children and let them go searching. You can set this up in a couple of ways:

* Version One *
You can draw the items (or find pictures of them on the internet) and then hide the items in the room. The child is given one card at a time and goes in search of the actual item that is pictured. Once he or she finds the item, they can either place the card beside it and come back for the next scavenger hunt clue card or they can come back and simply point out the item to you. This version encourages item recognition.

* Version Two *
You can make two copies of the picture clue cards. The child is given one card and you hide the other card in the room. (It can be near the actual item shown or not.) The child then goes looking for the matching clue card and sets theirs next to it. This version encourages matching skills.

Whatever way you choose to set up this hunt for kids, you can be sure they will enjoy exploring on their own.

Below you will find a list of scavenger hunt clues that are kid friendly (and pretty easy to draw if you aren't into finding a picture on the internet). Also check out this free "I Spy" game because little ones love to play I spy! Also, I have compiled a list of scavenger hunt ideas if you want some more picture ideas to add to this hunt. 

Picture Scavenger Hunt Ideas

* Clock

* Television

* Chair

* Book

* Ball

* Candle

* Cup

* Spoon

* Fork

* Flower

* Lamp

* Dog or Cat

* Shoe

* Shelf

* Door

* Stairs

* Refrigerator

* Bed

* Toilet

* Pen

* Bell

Remember that children have a pretty short attention span. So keep it interesting but don't push it too long or it won't be fun anymore.

Also, after your child or group masters the simple matching. Try writing the name of the item under the picture. This will help them to recognize words and start them down the road toward learning how to read. Use this in conjuntion with these learning to read games to really have some fun! 

And if the weather's nice and your a looking to head outside, check out these fun outdoor games for toddlers!

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