Creative Photography Game

This unique photography game is one that will encourage creativity among participants. All that is needed is a camera per person and bit of imagination. This photo game can also be done as a class assignment for a creative art activity.

Print out the list of clues below and tell your participants to think outside the box and find unique ways to photograph each of the items. Encourage them to put some thought into the composition of their images as they work their way through the list. 

And by all means, have fun with it!

Are you looking for an alternate photo scavenger hunt? Check this one out for a crazy eclectic list of clues for your photo shoot.

Photography Activity List

"Photo of" precedes all of the following clues.

* Five different red items.

* A linear composition.

* Three generations.

* Hands.

* Feet.

* Hands and feet.

* Mail.

* Book spines.

* Instrument. One or more.

* The horizon line.

* Flower. One or more.

* Light filtering through tree leaves.

* Sand, dirt or stone.

* Crayons.

* Pool.

* Road sign.

* Graffiti.

* Food.

* Spices.

* Natural wonder.

Share the images at the end of the assignment period and talk about perspective. This photo game is a great way to show that each individual sees the world differently and in their own unique way.

This activity can also be used as a springboard to create an exhibition of photographs featuring a couple of different images for each of the items listed above - and again, it can even be titled "Perspective." 

As always - Have fun and enjoy exploring the world through your camera lens!

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