Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you are looking for a specific list of photo scavenger hunt ideas, you can find one here. There are many different photo scavenger hunt lists around the internet - in fact, many of the scavenger hunts here by The Guru can be turned into a photo hunt. 

Below I will attempt to share many different ways you can approach a photo hunt so that you can get your creative juices flowing and create a camera hunt that works for you.

Outdoor Camera Scavenger Hunt

You can print a list of items that can be found outside and send your participants out to photograph what they find. The participants can get creative with this one as they compose their images and as they interpret your list of clues.

A sample list could include the following:

  • A bird in flight
  • A line of ants
  • A basketball in midair
  • A red bicycle
  • A nest
  • Moving water
  • An image in the clouds
  • A mono-color image
  • A multi-color image
  • Something amazing
photo scavenger hunt ideas

Shopping / Mall Scavenger Hunt List

This is a fun game to do with teenagers when you are headed to the local mall. Simply print out a list of items for them to find as they are walking around shopping. Most teens will have a camera phone so they can document the items as they find them.

A sample list of shopping photo scavenger hunt ideas could include the following:

  • Red Nike Sneakers
  • Mustard on a French Fry
  • Fingernail painted blue
  • A golf club
  • A frisbee golf disc
  • A skein of yarn
  • A shopping cart filled with board games
  • An empty can of soda
  • A neon pink pair of socks
  • An orange and yellow tie

Travel Photography Hunt

Going on a family vacation? Outfit your kiddos with a camera and turn them loose to capture images during the course of the trip.

Sample things to photograph on your journey:

  • A beautiful vista
  • An animal they’ve never seen before
  • A plant they’ve never seen before
  • The family taking part in a recreational activity
  • The family car (or rental car) outfitted for the trip
  • The outside of a museum
  • A hiking trail that you explore on the trip

Indoor Rainy Day Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Are you facing a long rainy day ahead with your kiddos all cooped up inside? Never fear! Print out a list of scavenger hunt items that they can find all around the house to photograph! Points can be given for the best composition or the most unique photograph for each category.

Ideas of Indoor Items:

  • Pile of dirty laundry
  • Pile of folded clean laundry
  • Toothbrush with toothpaste
  • Image of your grandmother
  • Image with all the colors of the rainbow
  • A plant
  • A board game all set up to play
  • A pile of books
  • A plate of cookies

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of photo scavenger hunt ideas. It is simply meant to get your creative juices flowing as you consider ways you can create a unique hunt for your own kids or group of participants. 

Most any scavenger hunt can be turned into a photography game as long as the participants have access to a camera or smartphone.

Have fun with it! Tell your participants to have fun with it and to think outside of the box as they go about searching for the photos for your scavenger hunt list.

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