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A photo hunt is a fun way to share family photos with your kids.  This fun photo activity is sure to get them involved and excited about learning about your family history.  This is a great rainy day activity or one to do on a road trip.

Gather together a bunch of photos from family vacations, some black and white photos from back in the day, photos of your pets, etc. It's fun to include pictures of family members your kids may not know or remember and some that have funny stories or memories attached to them. And then start hunting! Looking for more photo game ideas? Check out this photo scavenger hunt and this photography game.

Photo Scavenger Hunt List

  • Find a photo of Grandma ______.

  • Find a photo of more than 5 people.

  • Find a photo of your dog/cat/turtle/etc.

  • Find a photo of the house mom grew up in.

  • Find a photo where grandpa is wearing a hat.

  • Find a photo where dad has long hair.

  • Find your baby photo.

  • Find a photo that has the colors red, green, blue and yellow in it.

  • Find a photo from our vacation to ______.

  • Find a photo that was taken in another country. Guess where it was taken.

  • Find a photo that was taken under water.

  • Find a photo with people in it who you do not know or recognize.

  • Find a wedding photo. Whose wedding was it?

  • Find a photo of something really small.

  • Find the most interesting photo in the bunch and make up a story for what was going on.

Use your imagination to come up with more clues. This photo scavenger hunt list is just an example to get you thinking. Have fun with it! And be ready for questions from your kids...the wilder the photos, the more prepared you should be to answer! 

Find more photo scavenger hunt ideas here!

Now that you have your photos out, consider using the clues from this magazine scavenger hunt along with your family photos to create a unique vision board!

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