Fun Park Scavenger Hunt

Explore Your Local Park!

A fun park scavenger hunt is a great family activity as it gets the kids exploring beyond the slide and the swingset. Take these scavenger hunt clues with you to a couple of different local parks to see how  the locations are different. Try them during the daytime or into the evening to see how the hunt is different. 

Feel free to add in your own scavenger hunt items based on the particular park you are visiting. Have Fun!

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Local Park Scavenger Hunt

  • Count the swings at the park

  • Find a triangle

  • Can you find a squirrel?

  • Slide down the slide and count how many second it takes

  • Look for something that smells good

  • Find a drinking fountain

  • Find the tallest tree in the park

  • Look for a feather

  • Take a trip across the monkey bars - can you make it all the way?

  • Find something that is striped

  • Find a plaque on a park bench - take a seat on the bench and listen for three different sounds

  • Pick up three pieces of litter and find a garbage can to put them in

  • Count the dogs that are walking/playing in the park

  • Find a pair of sunglasses

  • Can you find a place to hide?

  • Look for a basketball hoop

  • How many strollers do you see?

  • Take a spin on the merry go round

  • Look for a sign that shows the name of the park

  • Find a plant that you cannot name

  • Look up at the clouds and find an animal shape

  • Is there a place to grill your food here?

  • Are there people throwing a frisbee in the park? Count how many times they catch it before it drops!

  • Where is your favorite spot at this park?

  • Sit at a picnic table and have a snack! Great job with your park scavenger hunt!

I hope you enjoyed running around the park. Please comment below if you have any additions to add to this list - or to share your experience with this fun park game.

Next time you go to the park, bring along this signs of spring scavenger hunt for more active fun for your kids!

Don't have time to head to the park? Check out these fun backyard scavenger hunt ideas.

As always - happy hunting!

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