Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Items

Outdoor scavenger hunt items are some of the most fun to search for as they get you and your kids outside exploring nature and your surroundings.  The list below is a fun spin on the traditional outdoor hunt - as it's arranged as an alphabet scavenger hunt.

I've listed 2-3 objects per letter to help you on your way, but feel free to have your kids or participants add an item that they find that starts with the same letter as well.  The outdoor scavenger hunt list below is meant to serve as a guideline only - be creative!

Be sure to check out this nature scavenger hunt for ideas for a sensory outside scavenger hunt.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Items

A :  Ant - Aspen - Apple

B :  Butterfly - Bench - Bicycle

C :  Caterpillar - Canoe - Cave

D :  Duck - Dandelion - Deer

E :  Eggplant - Ember - Eagle

F :  Feather - Fly - Fish

G :  Garden - Glove - Goose

H :  Hose - Horse - Hole

I :  Ivy - Icicle - Iris

J :  Juniper - Jumprope - Jet

K :  Kite - Kickball - Kelp

L :  Ladybug - Leaf - Lizard

M :  Moth - Mayfly - Mud

N :  Nest - Nail - Newt

O :  Oak - Owl - Onion

P :  Pig - Pond - Pine needle

Q :  Quail - Quartz 

R :  Raccoon - Ripple - Root

S :  Swing - Sandbox - Snail

T :  Treehouse - Tadpole - Track

U :  Umbrella - Undercut - Udder

V :  Volleyball - Valley - Violet

W :  Wasp - Watermelon - Worm

X :  You can "x" this one out or brainstorm your own!<

Y :  Yard - Yellow 

Z :  Zucchini - Zipper 

Hope this collection of outdoor scavenger hunt items helps you and your family get outside to explore nature in your backyard, in your neighborhood, or on your next camping trip.  Enjoy!

Don't forget to check out this scavenger hunt list of items found outside for more great ideas!

And here's a nature scavenger hunt list that includes a Sounds of Nature, Touch of Nature and Signs of Nature Hunt!

And if you have ideas to add to this list - or want to share your experience doing this outdoor hunt, please do so in the comments below!

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