Fun Outdoor Games for Toddlers

Looking for fun outdoor games for toddlers?  Is summer in full swing and you've run out of ideas?  Is it a beautiful day and you want to head outside with your children but need some activity ideas?

Check out these fun summer toddler activities.  At home, in the park or at the grandparents, all of these are sure to be a hit.

Best Activities for Toddlers - Outdoor Fun!

(In no particular order)

outdoor games for toddlers

* Play follow the leader.

* Enjoy a game of tag in all it's variations.

* Play a good old fashioned game of Chase - and chase your little one around the yard or park.

* Pass (or roll) the ball.

* Go "fishing" with sticks in the yard - mommy or daddy can be the fish!

* Blow bubbles! Kids of all ages love blowing bubbles and there are a myriad of shapes and sizes out there for fun bubble wands.

* Make white mud from toilet paper. Squish it. Mold it. Play in it!
1 1/2 rolls of two ply toilet paper. 1/2 bar of grated Ivory soap. About 6 cups of warm water. Mix in a large tub and let them play!

* Try a bit of kickball with your little ones. 

* Enjoy some sandbox time.

* Sprinkler time - make a sprinkler to hang from a tree. All that's required is a 2 liter bottle with holes in it. Insert your hose and hang it up!

* Throw rocks into the local creek. This can pass hours of time for little ones.

* Help them to fly a small kite.

* Play a game of backyard hide and seek.

* Duck, Duck, Goose!

* Break out the sidewalk chalk and encourage your little one's creative side. 

Have other fun outdoor games for toddlers that are in your "tried and true" bag of tricks? Share them in the comments section below!

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