Fun Outdoor Activities
for All Ages

Fun outdoor activities to do with all ages.  Whether you are planning birthday parties, corporate events, a weekend family camp out, or searching for summer camp activities, you will find some wonderful ideas here.  This is a compilation of my favorite outdoor games and activity ideas.

Outdoor Game and Activity Ideas

1. Go stargazing. Grab a star chart and a blanket and lay down on the ground to look up at the stars. Research a legend or two about particular stars and constellations and tell those as well.

2. Have a water fight. Make sure the hose is handy, several large buckets, big wet sponges, etc. Pre-fill a bunch of water bomb balloons if you are diligent enough to pick them all up afterwards.

3. Play cornhole games. This is basically a souped-up bean bag toss. You can buy cornhole targets or, if you're handy, try making your own.

4. Build a snow fort for some great snow play that will last until the next thaw.

5. Take a hike at your local park or nature preserve. Be sure to bring along these hiking activities.

6. Go geocaching. This is basically a gps scavenger hunt to find hidden "caches."

7. Go to the local pool for some swimming exercise. Be sure to bring along some water games.

8. Plant a garden. Watch it grow. There are lots of garden activity ideas and gardening games that you can do with your family as well.

9. Have a picnic. Bring along some healthy snacks and a blanket and head outside for a picnic lunch or dinner.

10. Go for a bike ride. Be sure to put your bike helmets on and ride safely.

outdoor activities
outdoor activities

More Great Outdoor Activities

11. Get out on the water. Whether in a canoe or kayak, on a paddleboard, or simply floating in an inner tube, enjoy a water adventure.

12. Go to an outdoor concert or outdoor play. Look in the local paper to see what outdoor entertainment is happening near you.

13. Pack up the car for a family camping trip. Bring along the sleeping bags, tent and marshmallows for a memorable weekend getaway. And don't forget to bring these cool car games!

14. Build a campfire. Break out the instruments and songbooks and have a campfire sing-a-long.

15. Play a rousing game of capture the flag.

16. Make an installation art project out of materials you find outside. Check out Andy Goldsworthy for some fun ideas to get you started.

17. Go cross-county skiing or snowshoeing. If you've never done either before, look up a place near you that rents the gear and try it out. Human powered winter exploration is a ton of fun!

18. Grab a tennis racket and head to the local tennis courts.

19. Organize an afternoon of outdoor yard games: bocce ball, croquet, cornhole, ladder ball, etc.

20. Fly a kite. Better yet, make a kite and then fly your homemade kite!

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