Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Fun outdoor activities for kids will get them up and about, running around and exploring.  It's a rainy day?  Who cares!  Let them stomp around in the puddles as they go.

My Top Ten List of
Fun Outdoor Games for Children

(In no particular order)

outdoor activities for kids

1. Take a hike in the neighborhood park and do a kids outdoor scavenger hunt.

2. Do some creative cloud watching. When I directed a summer camp, this one was always a hit with the kids. You can even have them draw or paint what they see in the clouds.

3. Camping! This is a fun way for the family to all hang out together. Don't forget to bring along some camping games.

4. Go geocaching. It's basically a GPS scavenger hunt. This is a great way to get the kids involved on the hunt and learning to use a GPS. Find a cache near you.

5. Find your local frisbee golf course and take the kids. My 4 year old and 6 year old nephews love throwing the discs and my brother has them hit the basket at the end of every hole. Plan to have a nature scavenger hunt on the course to keep them interested in these kids outdoor activities.

outdoor activities for kids

6. Have a water fight. Use water bomb balloons, super soakers, sprinklers or the simple garden hose.

7. Go sled riding. Or build a snowman.

8. Fly a kite. Kids love this and they can even make their own.

9. Take a bike ride. Find a bike path that will keep the kids out of the traffic.

10. Hang out in your garden or head to your community garden. Kids love the garden and be sure to bring along some gardening games.

I hope you enjoyed these outdoor games for kids. Please share your favorite activities for kids here.

Additional Outdoor Activities for Kids

Nothing beats a classic game of tag to add to your list of fun outdoor games for kids.

The range of kids games is endless. Check out Fun Kids Activities for more great ideas. 

Looking for more fun games for kids? Check out these pre-made outdoor scavenger hunts. As always, have fun with your kids outside and encourage them to be stewards of our wonderful Earth! 

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